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Series QHB-28


The hydraulic dampers Series QHB-28 of BANSBACH are standalone systems and maintenance-free. They are available in body diameters from 15mm to 40mm, strokes up to 800mm, and control up to 10000N. As standard, they are available as a double-acting controller, but also in single-acting mode. 

The single-acting version is controllable in one direction only, with free movement in the opposite direction. The design allows fine-tuning, and the speed of movement remains constant. 

The body of the painted hydraulic controller and the treatment of the wear-resistant Cerampro piston rod are the guarantee of high quality and durability.

The wide range of accessories facilitates assembly in all positions and allows them to be used in a wide range of applications, such as machine covers, fire doors, and hatches, attenuation of oscillations of suspended loads ( free and motorized systems), etc ...


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