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The VT model safety chucks are a specific type of safety chuck offered by Boschert. They are designed for heavy-duty winding applications, such as in the paper, film, tire, and foil industries. The VT model chucks feature a compact, robust design that can handle high load capacities, making them suitable for demanding winding applications.

Wearing parts/inserts of VT-Chuck type safety chucks can be replaced without removing it from the machine, minimizing downtime and cost of ownership, and maintaining long-term optimal performance.

Boschert safety chucks are imported from Germany according to the customer's requirements.

Features of the VT-Chuck:

- foot-mounted or flange-mounted chuck
- with or without shaft end
- chromed handwheel
- rubber finger guard
- quick, easy, minimum downtime and cheap replacement of the VT inserts 
- square and shaft end according to customer requirement
- The hardness of the VT inserts can be customized as per requirements to a perfect fit for the shaft and inserts.


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