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Diaphragm pump

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Diaphragm blowers / Air pumps are used in sewage systems, aquaculture aeration, and medical equipment that are small in design, low noise, low power, minimal maintenance, and entirely oil-free.

The activated electromagnets put a permanent magnet into oscillation movements. The magnet holder moves now at the same frequency as that of the power supply – normally 50 Hz respectively 60 Hz – back and forth between the electromagnets and sets a diaphragm going on both sides, which then changes the valve box volume. By discharging via the valves, both pressure and vacuum can be realized.

  •  Long life expectancy
  •  A high degree of efficiency
  •  Low noise level
  •  Low vibration
  •  Completely oil-free
  •  Pulsation-free airflow
  •  Service kits are available
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