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Height adjustable table

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A height adjustable table offers a perfect solution for many health issues like back pain, cardiovascular disease, prolonged sitting affects posture, and is harmful to the spine.

A height adjustable table can seamlessly change your working position from sitting to standing at the push of a button. BIBUS INDIA has a wide range of automatic and manual height adjustable tables for office and home office, which can be customized as per our needs and had a load capacity of 80 kgs - 150 kgs.


Single column height adjustable table:

Model Number B-AT-01-C3
Number of motors 1
Desktop No
Height 610 ~ 1260mm
Load Capacity 80 KG
Colour Black, Grey
Input 110 ~ 230V
Duty Cycle 10%, Max 2Min On, 18 Min Off
Handset 2 button or LED display with 4 memory button


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