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Wide range of anodized aluminium profiles for every purpose. Reliable, expandable in the future, and extremely long life. These aluminium profiles can be used for every purpose. Workbench system, Stairway/Platform system, or for building the perfect machine base.

  • Profiles 5 aluminium profiles are compact and lightweight profiles that can accommodate a maximum tensile load of 500 N on the groove (M5 bolts).
  • Profiles 6 are weight-optimised profiles that can hold up to 1,750 N (M6 bolts).
  • Profiles 8  are the standard aluminium profiles for design engineers which can withstand up to 5,000 N and use M8 bolts.
  • Profiles 10 has maximum load-carrying capacity for demanding applications that can handle tensile loading of up to 7,000 N per screw connection (M10)
  • Profiles 12 is the strongest aluminium profiles which can accommodate extraction forces of up to 10,000 N per screw connection.
  • All aluminium profiles are anodized and matched to each other in series-specific grid dimensions.
  • Wide range of innovative, stable and reliable fastening elements.
  • Offers maximum flexibility and reusability you can add or modify the current setup without any wastage.
  • Special aluminium profiles are available for extraordinary tasks corrosion-resistant and insensitive to high temperature. 
  • Call BIBUS INDIA Sales for more details. 


In stock Out-of stock Please Note: All product listed below are sold by the Meter length
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